Our Story

Captiva Cashmere was established by Ames Stevens and Karen Dane in 2002. Both founders came from very different worlds but discovered that they each had a passion for creating beautiful, timeless pieces that would be treasured by discerning customers

Ames hails from an iconic textile family who began manufacturing in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1813, at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Over the course of two hundred years, the Stevens family established many mills throughout the United States and Europe. Ames’ early years were spent working in some of these mills, learning each part of the manufacturing process. His experience eventually led to some fascinating ventures in faraway lands, which cultivated a passion for exotic textiles. His secret wish was to create exquisite pieces using the world’s rarest and most precious natural fibers.

Karen’s journey began in the fine art publishing world. During her career as an editor for a prestigious publisher, she worked closely with some of the world’s most prominent photographers, designers and artists, and was fortunate to collaborate with some of the most remarkable visionaries of our time. Her artistic vision drives the creative process for our company.

When the opportunity arose for Karen and Ames to join forces, they were inspired to search for the ideal materials to realize their vision. They started in South Africa, home of the finest kid mohair, then traveled to Peru for alpaca and vicuna, and finally to Nepal for hand-woven silk. While appreciating each of these noble fibers for their own unique properties, they ultimately fell in love when they discovered the precious cashmere that was spun in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Today, Captiva Cashmere presents a broad range of sophisticated and classic items for the cosmopolitan woman. Our styles are fashionable and contemporary, yet timeless and enduring. We use only the finest and sustainably grown cashmere, and insist on making our products better than they need to be. All of our pieces are made slowly and in small batches, often with hand finishing, which results in luxurious, sumptuous articles that can last a lifetime. 

About You

Our customer brings our unique pieces wherever she goes. She never leaves them behind because she knows that only cashmere provides true warmth without weight, and is always chic and sophisticated. Whether headed to a meeting or a gala event, at sea or on a plane, she keeps her treasured Captiva Cashmere pieces with her wherever she goes.

She knows from experience that even our lightest and most airy shawls will keep her warm on the coolest of days, and yet will also provide incredible breathability when she travels to the most tropical of climates.

Our customer cares about quality and about ethical sourcing. She is proud to wear our articles and wants to show her friends the craftsmanship and quality and painstaking care with which they have been made. She is confident and knows what she wants. She delights in our rich and luscious color palette, and when she finds something she likes, she wants one in every color. When she seeks a gift for a friend or relative she thinks of Captiva Cashmere because she knows that whatever is given will surprise and delight.

She is loyal to us because she trusts us. She chooses us because she knows that we are faithful to our vision and that we will always stay true to our principles.